Steel Security Bollards

Steel Security Bollards are typically found in open spaces such as parking lots, mine sites, thoroughfares and commonly used for:

  • Asset Protection: to prevent damage, downtime and repair costs to building or structures from low-impact high-frequency areas
  • Restriction of Access: to prevent vehicles access to an area but allow pedestrian traffic to flow freely.
  • Perimeter Security: to deter and prevent ram raid, smash and grab style burglaries and theft.

Safety Barriers WA supplies and installs Steel Security Bollards to meet your project safety and quality requirements, with bollards featuring one or more of the following requirements:

  • Main Roads WA (MRWA) Specification 605 compliant
  • Galvanised Bollards for corrosion and weathering protection
  • Painted Bollards for aesthetic appeal
  • Retro Reflective Tape for added visibility
  • Base Plated Bollards for restricted underground locations
  • Concrete filled for maximum strength

Removable Security Bollards

Safety Barriers WA also supply and install removable bollards to our same high standard. Removable Bollards are typically installed in locations where vehicle access would still be required for public spaces such as:

  • Cycleways
  • Parks
  • Event Locations

These can also be installed in locations for security purposes, and then removed for business to resume trade during the day.

  • Secured Parking
  • Drive-Through Facilities
  • Garage and Roller-Door Security.