End Treatments

End Treatments are installed to prevent the end of a barrier system (generally a barrier or rigid structure) from being exposed to direct end impact and causing harm to any occupants of the impacting vehicle.

End Treatments used on the end of guardrail products vary between Test Level 2 (TL2) and Test Level 3 (TL3).

Safety Barriers WA stock and supply a large array of end treatments for both Thrie-Beam and W-Beam guardrail including:

  • Standard Bullnose Terminals
  • Mini-Bullnose Terminals (also known as Carpark or Pedestrian Terminals)
  • Fishtail Terminals
  • Extruding End Terminals (TL2/TL3 Compliant)
  • Trailing Terminals
  • Crash Cushions(TL2/TL3 Compliant)

Various types of guardrail End Treatments are available to suit specific applications.

  • X350 and ET2000 are TL3 approved guardrail End Treatments primarily used as approach terminals in highway speed zones up to 100km/h
  • Trailing Terminals are used in highway departing application up to 100km/h
  • The Fishtail and Bullnose Terminal are designed as carpark terminals for low speed zones and commercial applications

Photos below show TL3 compliant End Treatments. These are the preferred types of End Treatments for most Highway Authorities around Australia including Main Roads WA (MRWA).

ET 2000
Trailing Terminal