Guardrail Safety Barriers

Guardrail has been a staple in the roadside safety industry with Safety Barriers WA having completed installations of W-Beam and Thrie-Beam guardrail throughout Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria.

All materials supplied and installed by Safety Barriers WA conform to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3845 and the requirements and specifications of the State Road Authorities like Main Roads WA (MRWA) Specification 603.

Safety Barriers WA are the first choice across the building and construction industry with installation and supply to sectors such as mining, local government, shires, commercial and civil construction sectors.

What is Armco Crash Barrier?

Armco crash barriers are a genericized trademark to refer to guardrail crash barriers within the industry, particularly of the steel W-Beam and Thrie-Beam varieties.

Safety Barriers WA supplies and installs all roadside guardrail products while meeting Australian Standards and local Road Authority requirements.

W-Beam Guardrail

W-Beam guardrail has for over 50 years been the preferred roadside, highway & bridge safety barrier system in Australia and around the world due to its:

  • Containment performance meeting Test Level (TL) 3
  • Flexibility to be installed into tight radii by curving.
  • Fast installation time-frame.
W-Beam with a specialised paint treatment for protection against a localised high acidity environment
W-Beam Guardrail with optional bolt-on red and white night reflectors

W-Beam Asset and Safety Protection

W-Beam guardrail has also been found its place within the industrial, commercial production and warehouse space as a strong and highly visible safety system within workplaces to protect:

  • Damage to assets such as buildings, tank storage systems, manufacturing and production facilities.
  • Employees, by delineating them from traffic such as forklifts, cars, and trucks and increasing safety.
  • From falling off open edges or embankments within the workplace, such as loading dock ramps, single and multi-story car parks, etc.
W-Beam installed as asset protection for building structure, access points, fire fighting resources and edge protection
Double height W-Beam Guardrail for separation from heavy vehicles and pedestrians.

Thrie-Beam Guardrail

Thrie-Beam guardrail is a relatively recent addition to the Western Australian bridge and roadside landscape offering superior performance.

It is most commonly used in circumstances where:

  • A barrier capable of giving more restraint to taller or heavier vehicles is required
  • Where a history of high impact frequency to reduce maintenance is needed.
  • The deflection capacity on impact needs to be limited. For example; narrow medians on roads with a restricted cross-section.
A base plated Thrie-Beam installation over a bridge

Guardrail Transitions

Every barrier installation is individual in its mix of assets to protect and be installed on, often requiring a transition from one barrier type to another.

Guardrail transition barriers are designed for maintaining fence integrity and vehicle impact safety while reducing fence installation costs.

Transition barriers make this vital link between barrier systems possible and are typically used between:

  • Thrie-beam and W-Beam barriers
  • Rigid structures (like concrete barriers) to W-Beam barriers

Why compromise on safety? Insist on Safety barriers WA.

Bridge Rail transition to W-Beam Guardrail
Thriebeam to Wbeam Guardrail transition
Concrete Bridge Barrier transition to W-Beam