EAB Specifications

Designed Test Level

Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB’s) have an accepted NCHRP 350 Test Level

Spacing Requirements

Spacing requirements may vary depending on job specific requirements.

However, the suppliers recommended spacings are as follows:

  • 600mm spacing of the bollard post centres from the curbing (to ensure cyclist safety).
  • 1400mm spacing between bollard post centres

Cartridge Requirements

The cartridge is collapsible and is designed to be replaced after impact.

Cartridge Diameter
Top 355mm
Bottom 165mm

Footing Requirements

  • The cartridge is mounted in a permanent concrete footing with a diameter of 600mm and a minimum depth of 1000mm.
  • It is recommended that the bottom 300mm of concrete footing be 25MPa strength concrete.
  • Minimum allowable strength is 20MPa concrete for remainder of footing.