Wire Rope Safety Barrier (WRSB)

Wire Rope Safety Barriers have become the safety barrier of choice for most freeway and high density highway applications around Australia.

The advantages of Wire Rope Safety Barriers are:

  • High speed impact rating. WRSB are fully compliant with NCHRP 350 Test Levels TL-3 & TL-4.
  • Less impact to the occupants of the vehicle as the rope is not a rigid barrier like guardrail.
  • Increased uptime to asset protection, as the wire rope safety barrier is still functional after being struck.
  • The fence is typically quicker and cheaper to repair due to only the hit posts needing replacement and no specialised machinery needed onsite.
  • Less obtrusive visually and physically

Safety Barriers WA has installed all major variants of Wire Rope Safety Barrier Systems available in Australia including:

  • Sentryline
  • Flexfence
  • Brifen

With over 300 kilometres of Wire Rope Safety barriers (WRSB) installed around Australia, why compromise on Safety? Insist on Safety Barriers WA.

Maintenance and Servicing

Safety Barriers WA also offers maintenance, tensioning and repair solutions for fast day or night repairs or as scheduled maintenance for your roadside barrier systems.