Water Filled Barriers

Water Filled Barriers are the product of choice for temporary works and event management as they are designed for low speed zones and easy on-site portability.

Safety Barriers has two types of Water Filled Barriers, ArmorZone and ArmorCade available to meet your project requirements.

ArmorZone is crash tested and offers excellent work zone barrier protection while ArmorCade provides a solution for the temporary management of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Both options are easy to install and transport.


The ArmorZone™ is made up of plastic units that when joined together, using a steel connector and filled with water.

It provides positive work zone barrier protection to temporary construction sites and other miscellaneous roadside activities and has been tested to meet the evaluation criteria of NCHRP 350 Test Level (TL-2).

The ArmorZone™ has interim acceptance from the National Assessment Panel to 50kph and is currently the only plastic barrier approved as a redirective barrier.


ArmorCade is made up of 2.0m long plastic units (MDPE) that join together using integral interlocking lugs to form a continuous delineator.

Through innovative design, ArmorCade can be installed straight or with acute radius curves, up to 90 degrees if required.