Water Filled Barriers

Water Filled Barriers are the product of choice for temporary works and event management as they are designed for low speed zones and easy on-site portability.

Safety Barriers has an assortment of Water Filled Barriers available to meet your project requirements.

Pedestrian Barrier

Pedestrian Barriers are a low cost, portable solution for direction of pedestrian traffic and management of event crowds.

These barrier types are “unrated” meaning they are not suitable for work zone protection from vehicles or delineating between pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

These barriers are portable by hand and do not require any filling.

Roadliner 2000S Water Filled Barrier

Weight: Empty 50kg; Full 630kg. Water Ballast: 580 Litres.

Roadliner 2000 S series is the first Australian designed and developed plastic road safety barrier system that complies with the test criteria of TL0 – AS/NZS 3845 and is manufactured in highly visible recognised safety colours under an AS Quality Assurance system.

The Roadliner 2000 S Series is characterised as:

  • A 2m long barrier rated for impact speeds up to 50kph in all States and Territories.
  • Each barrier end is designed to fit into the next barrier by way of its unique interlocking ‘S’ design.
  • Forklift access is provided for ease of handling and portability onsite.
  • The built in water level indicator is extremely handy for quick visual confirmation of compliance.
The Roadliner 2000S barriers unique S interconnect